Evolving Vision Paper  (Set on May 13, 2022)
We believe in an ideal world with our smart models and architectural objects )
 ATTENTION  Living in the future needs some facilities that today is the time for providing. In the future we will live together in the metaverse. As a result, we will buy virtual landes to live on these platforms and think about building them.
Metarooks is made up of programmers, architects, urban planners, planners and artists. They are looking for creating a platform for all the people in the world and also they are going to prepare smart and virtual habitats for everyone that they can work and communicate with other people.
You will be a member of our world by having a NFT of our collection and according to the privileges that will be offered in the future, you can have some advantages and opportunities.
Present drawing in our collection is the primary imagination of 3d modeling that will present in the future.
• Rookstore (Marketplace) , The best way to buy metarooks virtual products (NFT)
• Profile (My asset)
• Metarooks (New universe)
 ALSO !   We will do these three parts in the phases presented below.
Phase 1 :  Metarooks launched on  may 13, 2022 -  Done 
Phase 2 :  Launching the first phase of the website -  Done 
Phase 3 :  Creating Metarooks  social networks  -  Done 
Phase 4 :  Launching the album Place 1 (future habitats) , And Mint 20 initial designs, Now ! Visit the link of  Future habitats  -  Done 
(Place1, is a series of 200 NFTs by Soltanpour studio . The series is entirely hand-drawn and presents a series of future habitats)
Phase 5 :  Start daily mint 180 remaining designs from place1 collection
Phase 6 :  Launching and presenting a silver egg gift
Phase 7 :  Launching and presenting golden egg gifts
Phase 8 :  Launching the second phase of the website and community treasury wallet
Phase 9 :  Launching the album Place 2
(Place 2 will include 3D spaces and volumes that users can choose as their habitats for daily activities. We want to build virtual and functional buildings for all the people of the world. We believe that architecture should be for everyone)
Phase 10 :  Unveiling of Avatar 1 album - Presentation of Metarooks avatars album and start of membership in Metarooks
(Avatar 1 will be include the first collection of thousands of Metarooks avatars  that will be suggested for living in our buildings and habitats in the future)
Phase 11 :  Launching the album Avatar 2
(In Avatar 2 we will present an alternative subject with special facilities to live in our habitats. Wait)
Phase 12 :  Presenting white paper
Phase 13 :  Launching the Metarooks Token
Phase 14 :  Start Air Drop
Phase 15 :  Metarooks Air Drop token will be given to those who have bought Metarooks NFTs at least once before
Phase 16 :  Presenting the Road Map update (for the third phase program)
Phase 17 :  Launching the third phase of the website. Future program
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Disciplines in Metarooks:
• Architecture
• Landscape Architecture
• Programmer , Software Developer
• Artist
• Graphic Designer
• …
 ABOUT US   In the future, we will introduce Metarooks partners and production team